The Kaleesh: A Detailed Look

A Brief foreword and dedication to the artist and online accounts of the Kaleesh as people, and as their culture was spelled out in front of me I am just taking these accounts and imaginative pokes at the Kaleesh culture and lifestyle and turning it into a short summary. So I now thank the following resources and people:

 George Lucas for creating the character.
 Allison “Scaleblade” McCulloch online artist to whom the art and descriptions must be accredited to.
 Wikipedia for the bountiful knowledge that I received.
 Wookiepedia a Star Wars fact book that gives detailed insight.
 And to General Grievous for inspiring me to write this summary.

I have added a little of my own imagination but for the most part these creations are of those above…

 I thank all of you

— K.C. Wolfe


The Kaleesh:

A detailed look

             The Kaleesh are an alien race spawning from Kalee, a desert like planet with a tropical looking landscape Kalee lacks many resources and was once at war with the Huk.
             The Kaleesh are a nomadic and neutral race, they have reddish orange scaly skin and cover almost all their bodies to protect them from Kalee's blistering sun, Kaleesh also have their legs bent back at the knees, and clawed toes.Also the Kaleesh have clawed mandibles that extend from the back of their jawline underneath their cheekbones. Most of them have almost all their bodies covered either by cloth excluding their four fingered claws which are usually the only things that are exposed. Also, most Kaleesh wear masks carved from the skulls of their most feared creatures such as the karabac or the mumuu these help to protect them from Kalee's blistering sun.

Such a mask may look like this one.

            There are various breeds of Huk as there are Kaleesh. The particular one in the sketch is an Arctic Huk. They live in the bitter North, and are perhaps the most peaceful, if not because nothing bothers going up there. All of them are eyeless, but have an incredible sense of smell. Also very primitive form of life, they live in caves rather then building shelters like the Kaleesh do. But smart enough to have a sense of somewhat organized society.


Other variations of them are often hairless, due to the hot Kaleesh sun. Smaller, as well. Some other places they can be seen is in the Rainforests (Amphibious with brightly colored skins) and Deserts (Thick skinned) and in the Mountains (Also covered in thick fur).

 follow this link for a photo: A Huk        


            This is one version that was made up by Allison McCulloch. The Original Star Wars description is this: The Huk were a race of aliens hailing from the planet of the same name. They are an insectoid species and resemble Geonosians. Their planet was in a constant war with the Kaleesh people of the neighboring planet, Kalee, for many years prior to the Clone Wars and the Great Jedi Purge. The Galactic Republic aided the Huk in their war against the Kaleesh, though this still did not garner enough sympathy for the Separatists to convince General Grievous to join their cause.”

——taken from, wikipedia.com

             Prior to the Clone Wars the Kaleesh were at war with the Huks. During this war, the Republic sided with their enemy and destroyed their trade, deepening the hard times already hurting their homeworld. The Intergalactic Banking Clan, headed by San Hill, later came in and helped them out of their depression through a deal for the Kaleesh to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems.
 _________________CULTURE : DESERT_________________

            The Kaleesh have a very delicate culture that ranges from the swamps to the desert clans of Kalee.

            In the desert the females do a fire dance which they perform after a great big annual hunt that the males set out on. This dance is usually done while the men are feasting on their kill, which is prepared by the wives.
            The dance is done for several reasons; to attract zee boys and make them marry them, to praise their god, Udding for the successful hunt.
            The style of dance is also very similar to the way Grievous fights in some aspects and some females even manage to perform some parts of the fire dance while holding some torches with their feet.

A Kaleesh female performing the fire dance as mentioned above.

 A desert female portrait

The Kaleesh females are somewhat deep into body modification such as piercing, tattoos, etc. For every year of the female’s life, they get a new piercing they also receive a tattoo for every child they bare, as well as when they are married to a male (In which you are given a tattoo of his personal symbol - almost like a brand. ). The more piercings and tattoos that you have, the higher your status is in desert Kaleesh society.
            Also note that when two males want one female they fight to the death over her
             The Swamp Kaleesh, long lived, few in number and rarely ever seen. They are solitary creatures who live deep within the Swamps and Rainforests of Kalee, often spending their whole lives doing nothing but collecting herbs and perfecting recipes for treating ailments, as well as divining with the Kaleesh gods. They are the most holy people in the Kaleesh world and because of this are on good terms with all the Kaleesh peoples (except Desert, whom do not like anyone.) They are pacifist, never ever taking part in any war outside their swamp home, no matter the enemy, including the Huk.

            The eldest, and hence the most Chief of all the Swamp Kaleesh is Eutha-ku'uh (U-tha-Koo-ah) and thus she is called the Great father by all. Very old and very wise, many chiefs and elders deeply respect her and often seek out her counsel, braving the dangerous world she calls home.


(TOP) example of kaleesh swamp dweller
(BOTTOM) a sketch of the Eutha-ku'uh  (U-tha-Koo-ah)

Eutha-ku'uh and a young Qymaen jai Sheelal (Greivous)

 _________________ANIMALS AND CREATURES_________________
Kaleesh Steed-Though reptilian by nature, A Kaleesh Steed is much like a Earthen one in many respects - at least in basic structure. They are very rare and are exclusive to the desert regions. Thus, they are only used by the most elite warriors. Because of their habitat, they are hairless and have developed very thick skins, which are almost impossible to penetrate by most weapons. They are excellent runners, perhaps one of the fastest creatures on the planet, and are also very aggressive, making the process of taming them long and often fruitless. Hence why they are so rarely seen as mounts. To see a warrior upon one of these come towards you in battle as the Steed let’s out an ear piercing “hornkh” is to indeed know your end may well be near.
A Beeku-A very large, nocturnal, reptilian herbivore who often live nearby the oceans of Kalee, feasting upon the kelp growing in its shallow waters. Often very quiet, gentle creatures, but may attack if they feel threatened. Their primary defense is to make a loud high pitched scream, letting two vicious mandibles slide out of its mouth. This is a visual warning to the predator. If it continues its attack, the clawed tips of the mandibles will jab into the creature, and if it doesn't kill them, it will inject a very ferocious neurotoxin into its attacker, killing it within minutes.
            The Desert Kaleesh hold this animal in very high esteem, almost as a god, if not because this one creature is a necessity in life. The Creature's skin and bone is often used for housing (Big bones, thick skin), the blubber and meat for food, the poison is often used in warfare, lacing their weapons with it. It's very name, Beeku, in Kaleesh means 'Great Gift' There have been very few attempts to tame these animals, but these few attempts were in vain, as the animal was so large it would be impossible to keep. (For those wondering, a Kaleesh would probably reach its front knees)

7 Zee Ta'juk (Ta-yuk)-one of the few mammals of Kalee. They roam around the arctic tundra. The Forest Kaleesh keeps some herds of Zee Ta’juk as a source of food. But this creature is a particular favorite of the Arctic Huk. 

 The Dein-The Kaleesh Equivalent of a cat. The Dein is found in the Forests and Rainforests of Kalee. Often the pets of very young Kaleesh (usually female.) They are scavengers, but they often hunt small bugs, rodents, etc. They are very curious little creatures, thus often get into some kind of mischief. Tame ones are often also very attached to their owners, thus, they are very friendly and cuddly towards them. Hence why a female Kaleesh may get one rather then a male. (Who would rather get a larger and more respectable pet)
 1 Kreckii- A small, common mammal, looking like some odd mix of a Porcupine and a Squirrel. Their diet is mostly nuts and berries.

Ornu- A small carnivorous mammal similar to a small bunny. But they have a large bony mace for a tail, which they use to bash their prey in the head. They mostly prey on the Kreckii and sometimes other Ornu.

3 Norut- A scavenger. Fast and cunning creatures, and a menace to Kaleesh Storage. It's not uncommon, if not locked up tightly, for one of these little guys to run in and munch on the stored food.

 4 Ju'jik- It eats only small bugs.

Sskarru- These little guys are ferocious, enough so to dare to take on a young Kaleesh, and in some cases win. They are especially hated because they very often carry disease with them. In Kaleesh Folklore, if one is bitten by an Sskarru as a child, and the bite leaves a scar, it is told that they are unlucky for the rest of their lives.

6 Charg'Hor- Sometimes kept as pets, they are very rare are except in the deep forest. Their 'scorpion' tails hold a very potent poison, one highly sought after by Kaleesh Military. They keep some if only to milk the poison from them for their weapons.

8 Draghu- Perhaps the rarest of all the mammals, and often the subject of Kaleesh Folklore because of its mysterious personality. Legend goes of this creature that if you are lost in the woods and it appears before you, it means you or someone close to you shall die while in the forest

1 Kaata- Extremely territorial feline. The females have a large bony mace on their tail. The Males have stripes. Just a note, during mating, they often accidentally bludgeon their mate to death. Then they eat them.

 2 Kanuk- The Kanuk is in the most general of terms gigantic beavers they live in the forests of Kalee eating wood.

3 Tsi-Tsh- The biggest mammal predator, they usually stalk around the edges of the desert and eat almost anything. They have two beaks, two eyes and two scythes like appendages often hidden in their manes.  

4 H'yau-ku- A very gentle creature who lives quietly in the forest and prairies, eating the leaves on the very tip tops of trees. They sleep standing up.



Kaleesh Steed




Zee Ta’juk


The Dein


_________________MALE AND FEMALE KALEESH_________________
              The male Kaleesh are hunters they also fight the wars with their enemies atop the Kaleesh Steeds (I.E. Huks) they are like all Kaleesh almost entirely covered in cloth and have reddish orange scaly skin they usually get pets that are flattering to the gender like a Charg'Hor.


(LEFT) An old style of war garb used during the Huk War
(RIGHT) Kaleesh Warrior (updated)

            The female Kaleesh are gatherers and they prepare food they like all other Kaleesh almost entirely covered in cloth and have reddish orange scaly skin they usually get pets that are flattering to the gender like a Dein however like humans female Kaleesh have breasts and unlike their male counterparts the females have claws on the back of their elbows and in the Rainforests where the sand doesn’t blow females rarely wear the heavy robes that the desert females have to wear (excluding fire dancers) these unrobed females are often married far before the traditional Kaleesh females in the area.



Female forest dweller

 _________________FEMALE KALEESH WARRIORS_________________

            These female Kaleesh deserve their own section. They are a tribe of women who escaped their normal Kaleesh roles to pursue the path of the warrior, which is often a restricted path. Some of the Kaleesh women, usually the third of fourth wife or the wife of an abusive husband soon finds themselves considering, if not joining the growing band of warrior women, whom graciously accept any woman seeking a new life within their ranks. They live in the rainforest, on high platforms, away from nasty critters that lurk on the rainforest floor.

They aren't very highly cherished by Kaleesh Society; they don't necessarily hate them, either. They are formidable hunters and their hides and furs are highly sought after, hence they often trade with the various regions.

Also note the Kaata skin and great big mace weapon. The Amazon women believe this animal to be the avatar of their guardian goddess, N'ythea, because of it's dominance over the weaker males of the species


Kaleesh Amazonian 

 _________________FAMOUS KALEESH_________________


            Few Kaleesh have made a difference in the galaxy but the ones that did I am now going to explain in as much detail as possible:

 ____________General Grievous____________

          The most memorable of the Kaleesh is Qymaen jai Sheelal, a warlord who won many battles for his species alongside his deadly royal guards.
             He would later become known as General Grievous, the feared cyborg military leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars.


General Grievous


            His physical body is a fusion of a powerful robotic structure and an organic brain, nervous system and sensory organs. Grievous was a Jedi hunter, killing them for sport and collecting their lightsabers to proudly place around his belt as trophies and use them in his battles. The general possessed strategic ingenuity and flawless cunning. He was a general in the Separatist army and became their leader upon Count Dooku's death at the hands of Anakin Skywalker.
            General Grievous was originally a warlord on his native planet Kalee. The Kaleesh had conquered the land and seas of their planet, and displayed pride in their superiority by wearing masks cobbled from the bones of their most feared animals, the mumuu and the karabbac. Warrior families would hand down these bone masks from generation to generation, adorning it with fresh blood prior to every hunt or campaign. Grievous wore such a mask in his battle against the hated Huks, a neighboring species. He weathered countless close calls as he unleashed destruction on Kalee's enemies. He would return home to his wives and offspring, bloodied but emboldened, ready for battle again. During the war with the rival Huk worlds, the Galactic Republic was called in to settle the dispute. Because the Huk were rich in resources compared to the barren Kalee world, the Republic sided with the Huk and sent several Jedi Knights to attack the Kaleesh. Grievous and his armies were defeated and his homeworld was left in ruins, to suffer in poverty and shame of defeat. Grievous lost everything he held dear.
During these extremely harsh times, Grievous became a security chief for the Intergalactic Banking Clan. San Hill, leader of the Clan, noticed that Grievous was both a brilliant strategist and an excellent fighter, and mentioned him to the Confederacy of Independent Systems leader, Count Dooku (secretly the Sith Lord Darth Tyranus). Led by Darth Sidious, the Sith Lords conspired to draw Grievous into the Separatist army. Despite Hill's generous offers, however, Grievous refused to lead the Separatist army.
Sidious, Dooku, and Hill arranged to have a bomb planted on the shuttle Grievous was on, and to blame it on the Republic. Grievous was mortally wounded in the crash, and his shattered, dying body was taken to the planet Geonosis, where his brain, eyes, and other organs were to be implanted into a droid body forged by Geonosians that would complement his natural reflexes. After much resistance from the still-conscious Grievous a warrior of his status, he felt, should die on the field of battle - the metamorphosis was complete.
The suit, built of Durasteel and armorplast-plated Duranium, was built to resemble Krath war droids. His armorplast plates were strong enough to stop a bolt from even a starfighter's laser cannon. Each human-sized hand had six fingers (three to each half-arm when they split to produce four arms.) His hands and feet were capable of magnetizing when needed, allowing him to grip on to surfaces with incredible strength, even in zero gravity.
            His internal organs were enclosed in a layer of pressurized synthflesh with an organic fluid to prevent the organs from being damaged by bacteria and harmful germs, and also to maintain a suitable temperature to keep his organs alive and functional. His organs were nourished by artificial arteries keeping them alive with blood, allowing him to survive in a vacuum (in space, for example), an advantage he would display in escaping from Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker on his flagship. This transformation, when combined with his ruthlessness as a warlord, turned him from a courageous leader with love and a family into an unfeeling, implacable killing machine, incapable of any emotion other than blood-lust.
It might have been his rage at the Republic, whom he believed caused his shuttle crash; it might have been a feeling of gratitude toward the Separatists for saving his life or it might have been the modification that Banking Clan scientists made to his brain while he was unconscious; but when Grievous woke up in his new body he was more than willing to take up Hill's offer and agree to lead the Separatist troops throughout the galaxy against the Republic.
            During the Clone Wars, Grievous was particularly enraged toward the Jedi; he made it a personal goal to hunt them down and humiliate each Jedi by defeating them and keeping their lightsabers as his personal prize. Grievous resented the Jedi having sided with the Huk in the earlier wars. The General was completely incapable of using the Force, instead relying on the servos and gears of his maneuverable body. Despite this handicap, General Grievous was trained in lightsaber combat by Count Dooku.
General Grievous was active from the very beginning of the Clone Wars. His existence was kept secret, however, since no Jedi had escaped his presence alive. He was inside the catacombs of Geonosis during the Battle of Geonosis. It was there that he would kill his first Jedi, although the exact numbers are not known. It was his rear-guard actions in the catacombs against the clone troopers and Jedi that would allow Nute Gunray and the rest of the Separatist leadership to flee with their lives. The Jedi who would later find their dead comrades thought that perhaps it was a wild animal that had torn them apart. They found it unusual, however, that all of the dead Jedi were missing their lightsabers.
Grievous first revealed himself to the public when he attacked and dispatched a team of seven Jedi Knights in an aggressive display of lightsaber mastery during the Battle of Hypori. With his mechanical enhancements and attributes combined, he was able to battle five Jedi single-handedly. Only three survived the onslaught. The Separatist general began the swift conquest of several Outer Rim planets, much to the dismay of the Republic. Time after time, Grievous's ability to strategize attack plans with brilliant ideas and destructive results made the Republic's star fleet commanders fearful of his abilities and talents. Grevious led the assault into the inner systems, along the Corellian Trade Spine, conquering world after world.
The General would go on to best many other Jedi Knights and Masters with his swordsmanship. Jedi Master Mace Windu battled General Grievous and the match ended in a stalemate with neither fighter being able to best the other. Additionally, sophisticated computers slaved to Grievous' organic brain assisted the cyborg in perceiving patterns within his opponents attacks. They would then suggest that Grievous alter his stance and posture, along with the angle of his parries, ripostes, and thrusts accordingly. However, within Grievous's impenetrable defense, Windu was able to discern a single shatterpoint: a lack of appreciation for simplicity. It was for this reason that Windu supported the decision to allow Obi-Wan Kenobi, with his direct and no-frills saber style, to apprehend the General on Utapau.
            Grievous would later resurface during the Battle of Coruscant, using the first wave of his attack as a distraction to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine (who, unbeknownst to Grievous, was Sidious in civilian disguise.) In the process, he killed Foul Moudama and Roron Corobb. Grievous responded that if the Republic fleet did not allow his forces to escape, he would execute Palpatine live on the HoloNet. Although almost apprehended by Mace Windu, Grievous finally made his escape from Coruscant with the Chancellor, but not before Windu performs a Force Crush on Grievous' Cyborg body armour. In Revenge of the Sith, Grevious is seen to be wheezing, unable to breathe properly, a result of Windus attack.
Subsequently, Grievous was cornered by Kenobi and Skywalker onboard his vessel, the Invisible Hand. Skywalker and Kenobi were taken prisoner, but escaped and fought Grievous. Once the cyborg realized that he was cornered, he escaped by smashing a window on the ship and allowing himself to be blown into space.
            Grievous traveled with his droid bodyguards, a set of IG-100 series MagnaGuards, who wielded electrified staffs made of phrik alloy, which could defend against most weapons, including lightsabers. This is the first time Star Wars fans have seen a non-lightsaber weapon that can withstand the cutting power of a lightsaber itself in a movie (an expanded universe substance called cortosis also exists).
            Grievous' movements imitated those of a monkey in his stance and general lightsaber control. Not only could he produce an extra pair of arms, he could use his feet as hands. His unorthodox moves mainly involved misdirection with his many limbs, something only the most experienced and talented of Jedi could withstand. Much of this misdirection involved releasing a lightsaber from one limb and catching it with another, sometimes even while two other limbs are performing the same trick. The opponent, focused on limbs which are no longer dangerous, was then struck. A Jedi master of defensive lightsaber training could only last so long against the General's unpredictable style of combat. The Clone Wars animated series also clearly displayed the anxiety Grievous creates for the Jedi both with his stealth tactics and relentless, unforgiving technique with a lightsaber.
            Grievous' only recognized weakness in battle was his inability to use the Force. He was not a Jedi or a Sith, and he had no Force wielding capabilities. His flawless lightsaber style was only enhanced by his experienced fighting techniques, the computers connected to his brain, and the lightsaber fighting styles taught by Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus. Unlike the Jedi Knights and Masters, Grievous could not use the Force to guide his lightsaber or to foresee potential dangers in a duel.
In the Battle of Hypori, the Knights facing Grievous started to use the Force to project items towards the General as to avoid lightsaber combat. Grievous had no problem deflecting and dodging the projectiles, but the Knights noticed the General's lack of response; he wasn't trying to hit them from afar with projectiles. He couldn't use the Force.
During the Battle of Coruscant, Grievous was assigned the task of capturing Chancellor Palpatine (Grievous was unaware of the Chancellor's true identity). The General overcame three Jedi protectors to escape with the future Emperor. However, when he tried to escape, Jedi Master Mace Windu dealt him a crippling blow by using the Force to crush his chest.
When Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi was sent to defeat Grievous, he was confident in his capabilities. He uses his expert defense and the Force as offense, eventually winning.
            Grievous commanded the droid armies of the Separatists under Darth Sidious and Count Dooku. During the Clone Wars, Grievous was continuously hunted by the Republic and the Jedi. He managed to narrowly escape each time. When Grievous fought in the Clone Wars, he suffered no defeats during any battle in which he was directly in command of the CIS, or tampered with by Palpatine.
            It was Viceroy Nute Gunray who paid the highly expensive cost of rebuilding General Grievous, and when the Viceroy was first introduced to the General he made the mistake of treating him as another droid. Grievous deeply resented being treated as just another droid, and disliked Viceroy Gunray instantly. Gunray opposed Grievous shortly before the Battle of Utapau, making note of the escape of Chancellor Palpatine and the death of Count Dooku, and informing the General that he doubted his ability to keep the council safe. Grievous quickly dismissed Gunray and sent him to Mustafar. Ironically, Gunray outlived Grievous (though not by long).The Invisible Hand
General Grievous' command ship, was originally intended for Viceroy Nute Gunray's use. However Count Dooku gave the ship to Grievous. This added further to the hostility between the general and viceroy.
            While on the planet of Utapau, Grievous was ambushed by Kenobi. Faced with another true master of the Force, Grievous showed his four arms and engaged Kenobi in combat, but Grievous lost two of his hands and fled the battle after a Republic ambush. Kenobi pursued Grievous as scores of battle droids and clone troopers clashed around them. The pair engaged in a desperate bout of hand-to-hand combat as Grievous attempted to flee in his personal wheel-bike transport. Grievous, being made mostly of hard steel, fared more than well against Kenobi's humanoid body. However, Kenobi was able to expose Grievous' internal organs by opening his breastplates and destroyed them with a few well placed blaster bolts, killing him.

 Masquerade. She once trained under a very minor Sith lord, (his name has passed from all knowledge) but she soon ended his life quickly after she felt he was holding her back from truly acquiring power, thus, beginning her downward spiral. Obsessed with finding her power, she went out to seek a master that could make her harness her gift until she became perfect. Killing any force user who failed or could not assist her in this. She became, quickly, a minor terror until she was captured by General Grievous during a raid on one of the outer rim planets.. Ever looking for a way to combine the mechanical immortality and the power of the force, he used her by placing her in the same painful process he went through, placing her in a body much similar to his - making her perfect. But he found her wild and untame, treacherous with only the desire to kill everything and anything. It wasn't until she finally sought to destroy Grievous, initiating a great battle between the two. It was long and hard fought, but in the end it was Grievous who was victorious, breaking her ego and spirit. From then on, she swore complete and utter loyalty to her superior under the name 'Masquerade'.

She became his 'student', heavily studying his unorthodox style of fighting, as well as continuing her studies in the force. Until his death at the Obi Wan Kenobi. Seeing the corpse of the person she had come to know as a father figure, she swore revenge upon the Jedi and more then willingly participated in the great Purge of Jedi, succeeding in killing an incredible number in a vain attempt to find that one Jedi...




             Ky-Meera although she is not a Kaleesh exactly she has very strong ties to the Kaleesh. Ky-Meera is tall and lean much like a Kaleesh in fact the only difference between her and the Kaleesh is that she lacks the clawed mandibles that are typical of both sex of Kaleesh, Ky-Meera has four tentacles that grow out of her head that she pushes to the right side of her face.

            Ky-Meera was at first a respectable Jedi of uncertain species, but soon fell into the dark hands of the Sith. At the height of her journey into darkness, she began to grow tiny spines down her shoulders and back. They actually receded later in her life when she was with S'seth - he turned her temporarily back to the light side it would seem. Ky-Meera holds her purple-bladed lightsabers backwards. Similar to the way her son would in the future. Her favorite attack with this grip is to attack with both sabers backwards then snap them into a normal grip and jab forwards. She has a good deal of moves involving the 'hilt snap' maneuver. Her species being very long lived, she's had quite a long time to perfect it. Usually at the cost of other force users lives.

            A quick note her sabers can snap together and make a double bladed saber, with which she is very well educated in.

            Ky-Meera married a Kaleesh named S’seth but after her relationship with S’seth became public knowledge, a bounty was soon posted upon S'seth's head. One almost as large as the Sith's. Now both were hunted. But they fought off all of their aggressors with a great deal of ease before seeking shelter deep in the outer rim on the planet Dantooine, hoping to escape the hordes of bounty hunters coming after them. They took up a simpler life of a colonist, hunting, and farming and gathering only what they needed to survive. Intending to put their violent pasts behind them,  they settled down and started a family.

             Syn was their first child, bright eyed and curious. Of course... they wouldn't be forgotten.. Nor their bounties.


Ky-Meera (at Sith stage)



            S’seth is a Kaleesh outsider after an intense battle with the Huk a blaster bolt struck his eye after years with only one eye San Hill came in and paid for an expensive operation that replaced his useless eye for a optical implant. This eye can detect any temperature flocculation in the vicinity (so he can see hot and cold. ) and he has implants (little things on his skull) going all the way down his spine reinforces his spinal column and monitors brainwaves and other vital signs. And he also has special ones that constantly keep his muscles in movement, even when he's sitting. Hence why he's more muscular than the average Kaleesh. S’seth soon married a female named Ky-Meera but after his relationship with Ky-Meera became public knowledge, a bounty was soon posted upon S'seth's head. One almost as large as the Sith's. Now both were hunted. But they fought off all of their aggressors with a great deal of ease before seeking shelter deep in the outer rim on the planet Dantooine, hoping to escape the hordes of bounty hunters coming after them. They took up a simpler life of a colonist, hunting, and farming and gathering only what they needed to survive. Intending to put their violent pasts behind them, they settled down and started a family.

             Syn was their first child, bright eyed and curious. Of course... they wouldn't be forgotten… Nor their bounties.




            The final Historic Kaleesh…Syn he is an interspecies…he has the clawed mandibles of his father and the four lekkus sprouting from his head from his mother.

            Syn is a Jedi, how he became a Jedi is uncertain but he wields two blue lightsabers, pretty well (Due to an almost natural talent given to him by both heritages) and isn't bad with the force. However, he rarely uses the force except for when he uses it to heal himself and others.

             He doesn't believe in using the force offensively, he doesn't believe that's its nature. That's what lightsabers are for.

            Personality wise, he's playfully competitive with all the other Jedi, always turning things into some kind of challenge, especially with friends. He still retains his childish curiosity and sense of adventure but doesn't indulge it too often. (Though there are times, as his friends are fully aware of..) He's, in a word, bubbly.

       He spent hours exploring the entire region, hunting and finding 'special hiding places'. Bringing back all manners of curiosities to show to his parents proudly.
            But perhaps the most curious was that bright blue crystal he brought home one day...




S'seth, the protector, Ky the nurturer. and Syn the adventerous youth.

             As you can see there are a lot of facets to these creatures, as well as a lot of uncertainties but hopefully you can leave this summary with some new found knowledge.

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